An interview with… A crafter

I’ve decided to start a regular ‘An interview with…’ feature on this blog every few weeks. Each interview will focus on a different individual with an interest/skill relating to sustainable fashion. The aim is to offer some inspiration and advice for those of you thinking of taking up a new hobby or wanting to make some sustainable changes to your wardrobe/lifestyle, from those who are in the know.

For the first of these features, I interviewed my friend and sewing enthusiast Aneira Davies. Aneira has her own blog, Street Style Wales, where she writes about her crafting projects and offers tips and advice.

Aneira has her own blog Street Style Wales

Aneira has her own blog Street Style Wales

When and why did you get in to crafting?

I’ve been interested in crafting since I was a child. I taught myself to sew by hand with the help of my Mum sometime during Primary School. My Mum and my Grandmother are very crafty people and so I was always around them when they were making things. I think the natural next step for me was to start making my own things.

What was the first thing you made?

The first things I remember making were clothes for my dolls that weren’t very good. I remember practising with toilet roll. Then, a few years later, I progressed to sewing beads and hearts made out of fabric or felt on to tops I already owned.

What is the most recent thing you have made?

Some bunting and some pompom earrings for my Mum for Mother’s day.

Aneira made her Mum some earrings for Mother's day

Aneira made her Mum some earrings for Mother’s day

What is your favourite thing that you have made?

Probably the first dress I ever made. I bought myself a sewing machine about six years ago for the purpose of making clothes and I bought this fabric with roses all over it. It had shirring at the top and I imagined it as a strappy summer dress. It was slightly wonky, but it represented the first piece of clothing I ever made. Other than that, I knitted a snood last year which I wear all the time and still love.
Aneira modelling the snood she recently made

Aneira modelling the snood she recently made

What has been your biggest crafting disaster?

I made a dress once and everything was fine until I realised that I’d sewn the skirt in the wrong place. It was a nightmare to fix and I think I left it for about six months, because I was so reluctant to undo the stitches. I’m more careful now, although mistakes always happen.
Mistakes can always happen

Mistakes can always happen

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration from TV programmes and films, clothes I see in shops and clothes I see people wearing on the street. A lot of the time, when it comes to dresses especially, I have an outline in my head and just follow variations of that outline.
A dress made from Liberty fabric

A dress made from Liberty fabric

What is your favourite crafting magazine/ blog?

My favourite crafting magazines are Mollie Makes and Cloth, but I’m pretty excited about a new craft magazine launch called Crafty. I like the Mollie Makes blog and websites such as,,, and
Mollie Makes magazine

Mollie Makes magazine

What advice would you give people hoping to take up a craft?

Keep at it! When you’re starting out, it always feels as if you’re not very good, but crafting takes time and you will get better at it. Start off making something small, for example a phone case, cushion cover or tote bag if you’re learning to sew. Then read as many crafting blogs as you can find, as these give you inspiration and guidance. Attending craft classes, such as Stitch ‘n Bitch, can also help. And take up one craft at a time, as too many can become overwhelming.
A doorstop Aneira made for a friend

A doorstop Aneira made for a friend

What is your favourite craft (sewing, knitting etc…)?

Definitely sewing, just because I’ve always sewn and probably always will. I find it less time consuming than knitting and I can make things pretty quickly.
Hard at work

Hard at work

What do you plan to make next?

I have two ideas at the moment. My first is going to be sewing a motif on to a pre-bought jumper, as it’s pretty easy to do. The next is to make a dress from a pattern I got with a magazine, as I haven’t made a dress in a while.

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